The Power of Television

Where does Superman change into his costume now that phone booths are obsolete???

We all know how much technology has changed our lives, but an emerging generation:

  • Has never used a rotary phone
  • Has never had to get up from the sofa to change the TV channel
  • Has never had their windshield cleaned, oil checked, and gas pumped by a service attendant at the gas station

This new generation is also not dependent on traditional forms of media which has led to a dramatic change in today’s media landscape. The print newspaper industry is currently in the process of disappearing completely and other forms of traditional media including magazines, radio, and television are all facing challenges of their own. But a new study by the Television Bureau of Advertising offers insights into how advertising affects consumers as they make purchasing decisions.

According to the study, media had an impact on 80% of consumers regarding their awareness of products and services. The study showed that the strongest media influencers throughout the buying process are television (#1) and the Internet (#2).

When asked which forms of media boosted awareness, 43% of those questioned said television. Television also was named by 40% for increasing interest and by 35% for increasing purchase consideration. Television made 32% visit a Web site or store and 26% to ultimately make a purchase.

In regards to awareness of products/services and influencing the decision to purchase, the study results showed that television’s contribution is often more than all other media combined. So whether you watch television on cable, satellite, on-line, or from a standard broadcast signal, the power of television as an advertising vehicle still lives on…

Mac Chorlton (

Mac welcomes you to the Tweedee Productions offices.

We Tweet, therefore I blog

A few weeks ago Tweedee started to Twitter. Those who Twitter here at Tweedee tell me they actually “tweet.” My first reaction was, “what a bunch of ‘Twits.'” OK, it’s pretty obvious, I’m a little behind the curve on (insert crabby old man voice) all of this “tweeting” and “friending” and…I’m sure there’s something even more groovy to do by now. I mean, somewhere between, ” Jane, stop this crazy thing,” and “Your world frightens and confuses me,” I’ve realized I’m, well…”I’m just a caveman.”

This blog entry makes my stone-tipped point. It’s my first ever. (Blog entry, that is. Some may argue.) I know.  Go ahead and laugh. I deserve it. Now that the rest of the more evolved world is micro-blogging with social media like Twitter, I’m finally blogging.  I’ve realized I had better adapt. But, you don’t give a cave dweller a Stihl chainsaw with an 18-inch bar before he’s learned to use a stone ax.

These are powerful communication tools. Take Twitter, for instance. It has already proven it can help solve problems, spread breaking news and provide all kinds of insights into our digital world. Some use tools like Twitter better than others. I’m told they’re called “early adapters.”  The cynic in me says some of those early adapters can be like the 6-year-old repeatedly tugging at my shirt.  Still, my inner optimist tells me 6-year-olds see things old guys like me don’t even notice.  So, keep tugging while I start walking upright. We cave dwellers need to start slowly. At the very least, we have to begin adapting.

I know how some of you feel. I’m comfortable in my saber-toothed tiger tunic too. I don’t like it when people tell me “you’ve got to get in on this!” I usually do the opposite. Feels a little like those keggers your college roommates said you had to go to or you’d miss everything.  Like the next day’s hangover. But, sharing a few drinks with the rest of the clan can be a good thing. Everything in moderation, right?

So, thanks to my clanmates here at Tweedee, I’m taking a step out of the cave. I’m starting to have modern thoughts – We Tweet, therefore, I blog. It’s pretty obvious from this entry, it’ll be a while before I evolve to Twitter. Keeping it to 140 characters is tough for a caveman like me. But, better to be a Cro-Magnon than a Neanderthal.

Dan surveys a future with Twitter, etc.

Dan surveys a future with Twitter, etc.

Tape is Cheap

Dear Stock Footage,

It’s not you. It’s me. I love so many things about you. I mean, you have stuff that’s so thoughtful and well produced! That high quality film look! Yea, you know what I mean. You should be proud of yourself. But I’m seeing some new things these days.

I just started a year ago at this production house called “Tweedee Productions” and they’ve been shooting some amazing stuff.

I’ve always used stock footage to capture a true professional film look without breaking the bank. But Tweedee’s shooting in HD and HD24p. I can’t help myself. It’s so amazing looking. So real and genuine.

You leave your stuff laying around for anyone to use. Stock Footage, you will allow yourself to be used in any Tom, Dick or Harry who has a thousand or two thousand to throw around.

I need commitment. I need to have footage that not only looks good but is made specifically for my clients’ needs. Raw footage that our clients call their own. When we shoot the footage ourselves, it gives a consistent look and it’s custom made in the true vision of what the producer intended.

Stock Footage–tape is cheap. And HD technology has finally caught up to our videographers’ talents. I gotta move on and rely on staying true to my clients’ vision.

Being an editor means cutting out things that don’t work in the project. And, Stock Footage, you’ve become my fallback for professional projects rather than the go-to.

Take care. and I’ll see you around.

Steve Donovan

Steve Donovan, Senior Editor

Steve Donovan, Senior Editor

In This Economy

     These days, “in this economy”, we’re all searching for a little positive economic news, a light at the end of the tunnel perhaps. I ran across an article in The Capital Times by columnist Mike Ivey a few weeks ago that was at least a little encouraging for those of us doing business here in Madison, Wisconsin.
     In it Ivey presents some interesting information about our city in one of his recent Business Beat columns. Ivey highlights an article in the March issue of The Atlantic by author Richard Florida. According to Florida, “the driving force behind any economic strategy is talented people. Madison has always been successful at attracting and retaining some of the brightest minds in the Midwest,” Florida said. Ivey points out that Florida “has long argued that communities that offer a stimulating working environment for creative people will thrive in the 21st century. This includes towns that embrace the arts, pop music, gay people and ethnic food.” Sounds like Madison!
     Florida maintains that “creative class cities will flourish while the suburbs lose out and the Sun Belt fades.” Florida says, “Madison will survive the recession but must work to increase its connectivity to the Chicago-Pittsburgh ‘mega region.’” According to Florida, “economic activity is concentrating in a select group of mega regions…worldwide there are just 40 significant mega regions.” Florida ranks the Chicago-Pittsburgh mega region as “third in the world for economic output and eighth for innovation.”
     Here’s hoping that Richard Florida knows what he’s talking about.

CEO-Founder, Tweedee Media Inc.

CEO-Founder, Tweedee Media Inc.

why video on your website?

have you ever gone to a web site and all you get is tons of words.  reading,  reading,  reading… how long do you spend on that site reading, reading, reading? i spend about 10 seconds until boredom or frustration sets in.  i need videos.  i need videos preferably telling a story – and i need to find them fast.  people, please proudly display your web videos on your web site – front page, above the fold, make it easy for me! videos are even better if they are not out of focus or shakey.  even better yet – if i can understand the audio.  just because you have a video camera doesn’t mean you can make a good web video.  leave the bad video making to uncle harry and his youtube page.  leave the storytelling to us.

just a thought.

stay tuned.



sandy kowal - has an opinion about everything. capitalizes nothing.

sandy kowal - has an opinion about everything. capitalizes nothing.

Tweedee Productions Opens NEW Blog

Day one of blog writing for the Tweedee Media gang…

The biggest challenge will be teaching everyone how to use it! Tell your friends and neighbors… We’ll be including industry news, production hints and office secrets! Stay tuned.