why video on your website?

have you ever gone to a web site and all you get is tons of words.  reading,  reading,  reading… how long do you spend on that site reading, reading, reading? i spend about 10 seconds until boredom or frustration sets in.  i need videos.  i need videos preferably telling a story – and i need to find them fast.  people, please proudly display your web videos on your web site – front page, above the fold, make it easy for me! videos are even better if they are not out of focus or shakey.  even better yet – if i can understand the audio.  just because you have a video camera doesn’t mean you can make a good web video.  leave the bad video making to uncle harry and his youtube page.  leave the storytelling to us.

just a thought.

stay tuned.



sandy kowal - has an opinion about everything. capitalizes nothing.

sandy kowal - has an opinion about everything. capitalizes nothing.


  1. Yeah, websites with too many words are boring. They lose me quickly and I’m likely to slap a TL;DR label on it. (TL;DR stands for “Too Long; Didn’t Read”)
    Videos tell a much more entertaining story…especially on the web. Leave the words to the novelists.

  2. xoxo, hmmm. Hugs and Kisses or Kisses and Hugs……which way does that go? We need a video on the explanation of xoxo….if it was XX, at least that would be beer!

  3. I like funny videos, especially short ones where the people don’t take themselves seriously. I’ve never seen a short video I don’t like, even from Uncle Harry.

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