In This Economy

     These days, “in this economy”, we’re all searching for a little positive economic news, a light at the end of the tunnel perhaps. I ran across an article in The Capital Times by columnist Mike Ivey a few weeks ago that was at least a little encouraging for those of us doing business here in Madison, Wisconsin.
     In it Ivey presents some interesting information about our city in one of his recent Business Beat columns. Ivey highlights an article in the March issue of The Atlantic by author Richard Florida. According to Florida, “the driving force behind any economic strategy is talented people. Madison has always been successful at attracting and retaining some of the brightest minds in the Midwest,” Florida said. Ivey points out that Florida “has long argued that communities that offer a stimulating working environment for creative people will thrive in the 21st century. This includes towns that embrace the arts, pop music, gay people and ethnic food.” Sounds like Madison!
     Florida maintains that “creative class cities will flourish while the suburbs lose out and the Sun Belt fades.” Florida says, “Madison will survive the recession but must work to increase its connectivity to the Chicago-Pittsburgh ‘mega region.’” According to Florida, “economic activity is concentrating in a select group of mega regions…worldwide there are just 40 significant mega regions.” Florida ranks the Chicago-Pittsburgh mega region as “third in the world for economic output and eighth for innovation.”
     Here’s hoping that Richard Florida knows what he’s talking about.

CEO-Founder, Tweedee Media Inc.

CEO-Founder, Tweedee Media Inc.

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