We Tweet, therefore I blog

A few weeks ago Tweedee started to Twitter. Those who Twitter here at Tweedee tell me they actually “tweet.” My first reaction was, “what a bunch of ‘Twits.'” OK, it’s pretty obvious, I’m a little behind the curve on (insert crabby old man voice) all of this “tweeting” and “friending” and…I’m sure there’s something even more groovy to do by now. I mean, somewhere between, ” Jane, stop this crazy thing,” and “Your world frightens and confuses me,” I’ve realized I’m, well…”I’m just a caveman.”

This blog entry makes my stone-tipped point. It’s my first ever. (Blog entry, that is. Some may argue.) I know.  Go ahead and laugh. I deserve it. Now that the rest of the more evolved world is micro-blogging with social media like Twitter, I’m finally blogging.  I’ve realized I had better adapt. But, you don’t give a cave dweller a Stihl chainsaw with an 18-inch bar before he’s learned to use a stone ax.

These are powerful communication tools. Take Twitter, for instance. It has already proven it can help solve problems, spread breaking news and provide all kinds of insights into our digital world. Some use tools like Twitter better than others. I’m told they’re called “early adapters.”  The cynic in me says some of those early adapters can be like the 6-year-old repeatedly tugging at my shirt.  Still, my inner optimist tells me 6-year-olds see things old guys like me don’t even notice.  So, keep tugging while I start walking upright. We cave dwellers need to start slowly. At the very least, we have to begin adapting.

I know how some of you feel. I’m comfortable in my saber-toothed tiger tunic too. I don’t like it when people tell me “you’ve got to get in on this!” I usually do the opposite. Feels a little like those keggers your college roommates said you had to go to or you’d miss everything.  Like the next day’s hangover. But, sharing a few drinks with the rest of the clan can be a good thing. Everything in moderation, right?

So, thanks to my clanmates here at Tweedee, I’m taking a step out of the cave. I’m starting to have modern thoughts – We Tweet, therefore, I blog. It’s pretty obvious from this entry, it’ll be a while before I evolve to Twitter. Keeping it to 140 characters is tough for a caveman like me. But, better to be a Cro-Magnon than a Neanderthal.

Dan surveys a future with Twitter, etc.

Dan surveys a future with Twitter, etc.


  1. Oh darhling, you must read Arrianna Huffington’s book about blogging. A book about blogging? Yes, she gets the irony, and now she wants to explain it to you and your caveman clan! Cripes, she even discusses Gutenberg (just one of the many names she drops). Somehow, she left out Marshall Mcluhan — perhaps because of quotes like this:

    “The nature of people demands that most of them be engaged in the most
    frivolous possible activities—like making money.”

    Keep up the good work old man!

    • I’ll put my feet through the floor and drive over to the book store right away!

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