The Power of Television

Where does Superman change into his costume now that phone booths are obsolete???

We all know how much technology has changed our lives, but an emerging generation:

  • Has never used a rotary phone
  • Has never had to get up from the sofa to change the TV channel
  • Has never had their windshield cleaned, oil checked, and gas pumped by a service attendant at the gas station

This new generation is also not dependent on traditional forms of media which has led to a dramatic change in today’s media landscape. The print newspaper industry is currently in the process of disappearing completely and other forms of traditional media including magazines, radio, and television are all facing challenges of their own. But a new study by the Television Bureau of Advertising offers insights into how advertising affects consumers as they make purchasing decisions.

According to the study, media had an impact on 80% of consumers regarding their awareness of products and services. The study showed that the strongest media influencers throughout the buying process are television (#1) and the Internet (#2).

When asked which forms of media boosted awareness, 43% of those questioned said television. Television also was named by 40% for increasing interest and by 35% for increasing purchase consideration. Television made 32% visit a Web site or store and 26% to ultimately make a purchase.

In regards to awareness of products/services and influencing the decision to purchase, the study results showed that television’s contribution is often more than all other media combined. So whether you watch television on cable, satellite, on-line, or from a standard broadcast signal, the power of television as an advertising vehicle still lives on…

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