If You Could Read My Mind, What a Tale My Thoughts Would Tell…

sandy kowal

sandy kowal - always thinking...

as a small child i was captivated by gordon lightfoot’s lyrics… what a great idea – if you could read my mind. as a small child i assumed everyone would, of course, want to read my mind – filled with wild dreams and hopes and recipes for disaster (seemed like a good idea at the time).

my whole life i’ve been wondering why no one could read my mind… how hard could it be? why must i spell out the details of every thought – every concept? then came social networking, like this blog , twitter and facebook… social networking does make it easier for all my friends and followers to know my every thought and feeling, sometimes ad nauseum.  it’s a good start, but just so much darn work and so much darn time.

but now the future is here:

you may not be able to read my mind but a computer can! the university of wisconsin has developed a mind reading computer that can twitter for me!!! now my every thought, dream and hope can instantly be broadcast to all my friends and followers! oh joy! AND I DON’T EVEN HAVE TO LIFT A FINGER.

thank you university of wisconsin, you truly have read my mind. now if there was just a way to broadcast the images trapped up there swilling around…. hmmm.  maybe next week.


  1. Hello Sandy, come in Sandy — do you copy?

    I’m sending you some new ideas — are you receiving them?

    Oh shoot, I think my DIPNID (dang integrated phone & neural interface device) lost you went I went under that bridge.

    Let’s try that again — here you go — did you get them this time?

    I hope so. Let me know.

    • please speak in imagery.
      i’ll wait while you try…..
      ahhhh, stop thinking those thoughts! this is a family blog!

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