Know the Messenger Before You Shoot Him

We ask a lot of questions at the beginning of a project. In my opinion, the best question to ask is “Who is going to see it?” I’m not just asking that to find out the demographics of the viewer. It’s important to find out how the project is being delivered. Will it be viewed on broadcast television? Will it be shown at a dinner via DVD? Maybe Blu Ray? More importantly, if it’s being delivered online, will it be Quicktime, Windows Media, Flash, etc…?

A reliable, clean delivery is very important to your project. It’s just as important as the message that you’re delivering in your piece. If a viewer looks at a project and it’s choppy, distorted or difficult to load, they will invariably walk away from the viewing. It’s true that nobody ever says things like, “Man, your video looks so nice and clean online! The guy who encoded it must have known what he was doing!” or “That video played with no problems! Great!” But when it doesn’t play well, you will hear about it. It’s one of those things that contribute to the impression you make to the viewer.

Last March, Austin hosted their famous South By Southwest (SXSW) music festival. This is fairly comparable to indie music’s Sundance Film Festival. During that weekend, the AT&T 3G Network (host to Apple iPhone subscribers) went kablooey. Now, AT&T’s scrambling to beef up the Austin network after a flurry of angry indie music fans metaphorically threw their 2% Starbucks Lattes at their provider AT&T. I’m curious how many of their subscribers changed phones after that weekend. Or bad mouthed the company. Or advised somebody not to use AT&T until they got their delivery management cleaned up. Delivery can make or break an impression.

At Tweedee Productions, we like to work hand-in-hand with whatever way you will broadcast your new, creative, effective message to the masses. We are willing to author your DVD or Blu Ray to make sure they’re broadcasting a beautiful, brilliant presentation. We work directly with corporate IT departments to insure online videos are in a workable format that is easy to load and looks good.

Let your delivery be part of the plan. Find an opportunity for growth. Have a concept that will help capitalize on the growth. Create storyboard and script. Realize who is watching and how they will be viewing it. Working together, your project will look awesome and deliver the results you want!

Steve Donovan 02
Steve Donovan
tips the delivery guy
every time.

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