Steve’s on vacation…

Hi there.  Gregg here.  Steve’s on vacation this week and it’s his turn to blog.  So, Sandy told me that I have to do it.  Like I have anything good to say!  Anyway, Steve is spending his much deserved vacation traveling in his home state of Pennsylvania.  He’s even going to attend his 20-year high school reunion.  You might think he’s crazy.  I don’t know – wasting some perfectly good vacation time to go back to high school?  Anyway, it’s his vacation.


Steve Donovan on vacation in Pennsylvania.

Steve Donovan on vacation in Pennsylvania.

Ironically, just before Steve left, I stumbled upon a great, web based video marketing campaign for the state of Pennsylvania.  It includes a series of videos based on one man’s search for a woman he’s had a crush on since vacationing in Pennsylvania as a teenager.  The main character, Peter Arthur (PA – get it?), travels throughout the state looking for Meg, a waitress who served him the best piece of shoofly pie he’s ever had.  I think he’s a little in love with Meg, too.  The videos are a great example of a clever, creative and entertaining way to get noticed on the web.  I give the state of Pennsylvania a lot of credit for going with this rather unique approach.

Just before Steve left I sent him the link to the Peter Arthur videos.  I hope he took the time to watch.  Otherwise, he’ll probably get stuck listening to an old high school buddy he barely knows talk about all of his ex-wives instead of enjoying his Pennsylvania vacation.  I’d hate for him to miss out on a piece of shoofly pie.  Or a look at Meg.

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