inspiration with a little perspiration

do i live under a rock?

the national women music festival was in madison a few weeks back.  i had no idea our sleepy mid-western town was such a hub for music… and unfortunately i didn’t hear about the festival until a couple of days beforehand, i already had plans so i couldn’t attend any of the workshops or daytime performances, but…  patrice pike was headlining the saturday nite show.  i heard of her a few years back &  i really wanted to see her live, but tickets were no longer available online – if any were left they’d be available at the door.  so that saturday nite we packed up our high hopes & headed over to catch the show.

there was so much “talent” to showcase they pushed patrice’s show back to 1130pm! good golly – it was late. the crowd of over 300 was thinning before she even came on (unlike me, many of the audience there had been there ALL day attending workshops – apparently they were tired).  the good news was – i could sit right up front and see the show up close.  the bad news – it’s after 1130pm, the crowd is thin now – and she’s headlining…. ugh. how will she have the energy to do a BIG show with 30 people left in the  audience?  i figured she’d just go thru the motions and call it a nite.

patrice and the boys came out – rocked

sandy kowal - rocking the video world.

sandy kowal - rocking the video world.

the house! the best part –  it felt like a private concert just for me.  they had great energy, played spot on – it was awesome.  she was so great – was nice enough to hang out afterwords and chat.  it was a really late nite, but totally worth it to see her play at that level live – and she was gracious enough to hang out and talk after the show…

i asked her how she had the energy to put a show at that high level with such a SMALL audience. she confessed at first she was dissappointed to see the small audience, but after talking back stage to one of the interpretors, decided it just didn’t matter… we were there to see her and she was going to give us everything she had. wow. very professional. very personal. very inspiring.

i went home and began reflecting on my conversation with patrice .  it reminded me of  my attitude when i “perform“.  we all have clients with less than glamorous projects – small budgets, small audience or something else that could be discouraging to a perfect video production performance.  it dawned on me;  its all in how we approach those challenges… always giving it our all to make something to be proud of – fun to work on, deliver the message and tell a story.

so that intimate concert experience on that saturday nite in july helped to remind me that we all have the option to either phone it in or bring it.

i choose to bring it…. everytime, every project.


  1. Not everyone has that attitude Sandy. It should be applauded! Thank you for speaking up about it!!!

  2. Thank you so much! I really appreciate your time and effort to be there and on top if it this wonderful blog. We were supposed to be on at 11 but we drove a long way and those who chose to stay up deserved a great show.

    Thank you again,

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