I’ve been wondering about something lately.  Help me out here.  Why is it that when the characters on a TV show order out Chinese food, invariably ALL of the characters eat with chopsticks?  Why is that?  It’s pervasive – the prosecutors on Law and Order, the cops on Saving Grace, Jamie Kennedy on The Ghost Whisperer (watch for the “that’s what she said” moment).  THEY ALL KNOW HOW TO EAT WITH CHOP STICKS!  I don’t.  I love Chinese food – just had some delicious egg foo yong on Friday night.  But, I refuse to use chopsticks.  Why?  I think it’s phony.  It’s being pseudo-cultural, a poser.  Do non-Chinese people who use chopsticks to eat Chinese food use them to eat Italian food?  Why not?  Chinese people probably do.

So, I’m thinking that there must be TV characters who, like me, do not use them.  Just once I’d like to see some cop on CSI Miami shoveling down some moo shoo pork with a fork

Here’s another annoying, unrealistic plot convenience technique used by TV shows, especially on the CBS show Numb3rs.  Sometime notice how characters simply show up unannounced at someone’s office or home, usually just to have a two minute conversation.  Hello!  Ever thought about using a cell phone instead?  Imagine if we all did that how much time and gas we’d waste.

I don’t really have a point in all of this other to say that I notice things, usually the quirky things in life.  Besides, it’s my turn to blog and I can blog about anything.

This clip isn’t about eating utensils, but it has Marilyn Monroe in it.  She plays chopsticks.  Funny what you find when you look.

Gregg and his new car.

Gregg and his new car.

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