so, how have you been…..

this is the time to take advantage of the economy and jump-start your marketing plan. now is the perfect opportunity to market your business. so how do you reconnect with your clients, reach out to new customers or re-invent your company?

sandy kowal

sandy kowal - out standing in her field.

re-invent: radio shack. i’m sure you’ve seen the ads on tv. radio shack has become the quirky, cool kid you always wished you were. their new campaign “the shack” has given them a drastically different look and feel from the days of  a sports super star holding up a battery. the quirky ads grab your attention and before you know it, you want radio shack to be your personal tech store…. brilliant. from nerd to cool in a matter of seconds.

reach out: mg&e. mg&e has done a series of video stories to keep them in contact with their customers… interesting stories that show their involvement in the community.  like this one about the falcons nesting on their plant downtown. the story doesn’t say “mg&e is great for having this nest on their plant” or that “mg&e loves nature”, but the story leaves you with the feeling that these people at mg&e care.  you feel good about yourself when you are an mg&e customer because mg&e cares about their community.

re-connect: tweedee productions. something we use is a video newsletter. it’s a simple tool that allows us to keep in contact with our current and former clients. it’s kind of a reminder that we’re still around doing good work. we try not to blow own horn in the VNL, but instead we try to pass along information that our clients can use. we hope it plants the seeds of creativity and imagination with our clients – to spur them along to try a VNL themselves or to see how our other clients are using video storytelling effectively. one of the great aspects to the VNL is our clients get to see our personalities & experience the fun of  tweedee productions.  look for info in the next tweedeenews about social networking.

communication. sometimes marketing is as simple as just stepping up your communication with your clients. how can you use today’s technology to have regular, focused communications? how can you get your message out? what can you do to remind clients you are still around? what is the right direction for your company? what is social marketing? does it work? in the blur of the fast changing information highway we’re here to help you find your focus and craft your story to hit your target.

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