Steve Donovan, Senior Editor

I wanted to add onto Amy’s blog entry about television on the computer. I, too, am watching my shows on the computer. I’ve been building a collection of movies from iTunes for a while.

I noticed a few days ago that my living room and my office look a lot alike. They have seating to comfortably view the respective screens except the desk chair had to be moved for a proper unobstructed view of the computer. I’m interested how the crossover happens and if it even happens at all. The beauty of evolving technology is that it continues to give us options–allowing us to adapt the technology to how we live.

In terms of video/television/computer/internet crossover, there won’t be a silver bullet. There will continue to be many options available to adapt to our lives and how we like to live them.

To segue, I could say that lives are created through evolution. Many times, we don’t choose what we like but we turn down what we don’t like. I’m very fortunate that I’ve found so many things that make me very happy. This includes working for a company of people who care about the two very important things: 1. A Great Product 2. Me.

This past Spring, I presented a very rough idea of a short film that I wanted to make as a viral video for Tweedee Productions. Gregg was a little cloudy on the details and it was hard for me to explain how it would play out. As he began to add suggestions and ideas, I told him that I wanted to do it my way and asked for his permission to run with it. With very little hesitation, he told me that he would let me produce it and he would keep the details secret.

I finished it and I think it turned out great. Very funny and fun to email around. I’ll post it below.

This past month, the local awards for excellence in digital media WAVE Awards sponsored by the Media Communications Association Int’l honored my little movie! It received a honor in the Craft of Graphics & Animation.

People may bawk at self-serving awards but I was very proud to receive this. Thanks to all my bosses at Tweedee for letting me take a risk. They care about two very important things: 1. A Great Product 2. Me.

If you’re thinking about shopping around for a different/new production company or have an idea that might be risk taking, please consider us.Taking chances can pay off in a big way!

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