Video Mobility for Your Brand

Mac Chorlton isn’t angry, he’s just surprised about the consistency of confusion. He attends many seminars on social media marketing. Consistently, there are people asking about facts and figures and magic bullets to this new medium. How is it being used and how is it best utilized?

There is one part of social marketing that is ready to grow. It’s inside the Smartphone world.

AOL & Universal McCann commissioned the Questus company to research how Smartphones are being used. Smartphones are considered to be cell phones that are internet ready devices. The people polled were 1800 Smartphone owners who would visit internet content on a regular basis.

Of these people, they logged 14% of their media watching time on their mobile device. It’s considered convenient and easy. It’s not just considered a way to gain access to video but a way to keep in touch with social circles and maintain organization in their daily lives.

When participants were asked to describe attributes of content they were given, they considered all material they received as active, timely and current. Mobile media had a foothold on what was considered to these respondents as cutting-edge.

The Smartphone users had many functions for their phone. The leader in consumption is, hands down, maps & directions. But right behind it, you will find that (according to this report) 55% of all Smartphone users’ time interacting with social media sites. The Facebooks, Twitters, LinkedIn’s, YouTubers and Daily Milers make it easy by creating phone apps and mobile ready interface via internet. The Smartphone user finds it easy to visit social networking sites and have a high confidence level in what they’re seeing.

The most exciting part of this? 60% of the iPhone, Blackberry, Robot & Palm users have the opinion that their internet usage will only increase over the next two years. 30% believe that their newspaper usage will decrease and radio usage will decrease according to 20% of those Smartphone users.

The use of video on social marketing sites are the go-to for Smartphone users. It’s the sure fire place to find video that’s sure-fire compatibility and quick download. Using social marketing taps into a marketing that’s looking for video and information. They’re commuters, travelers and, most importantly, consumers.

They like what they see when using their device because it’s easy and it’s cutting-edge. Two great qualities that don’t usually find meeting grounds. It’s an area that will find great growth in coming years among those who will eventually acquire smart devices and those who already are using.

By creating a true presence on social marketing sites with video now, you will grow with it. You can find how it can work for you rather than waiting & finding out how it works for your competition.

Mac is seeing a lot of confusion out there with social media but there are clear indicators that there is huge growth potential. That’s why everybody’s excited about it.

Steve Donovan, Senior Editor

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  1. The research report you sited was facinating reading. The cool thing for us is that users will still need interesting content to watch.

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