I’m Not Taking a Look at That Photograph

Gregg started that Photo-A-Day thing after he subconsciously heard me talk about it. I swear I was in his office talking about doing the “Photo-A-Day” thing for 2010 but he says he doesn’t remember it. Either way, I’m glad both of us are doing it. Even if it was my idea to begin. You can view my Photo-A-Day on Facebook.

Moving On.

Famed rock band Nickelback is getting competition. Canadian music group Nickelback rocks songs “Photograph” and “If Today Was Your Last Day” and has sold their product to millions. But exposure can have its price.

Nickelback has also been named the most “criticized band” in music history. Though their sales sky rocket, most critics regularly pan their work. Think of them as a modern day Color Me Badd for Rock Music.

Their poor reputation as artists has followed them onto Facebook. I just joined the group, “Can This Pickle Get More Fans Than Nickelback?”. Outside of the fact that it’s been set up to fly in the face of Nickelback’s backlash, it’s very funny. People are writing some of the funniest stuff I’ve read in a while. I found myself suddenly rooting for this pickle. It’s almost a symbol of spite.

I’m not going to completely analyze what makes it funny. BUT, I do think comedy is part truth. Or else it wouldn’t ring true.

Popular social media has a way of finding truth and putting a creative twist on it. What’s true for you or your company? How can you put a creative twist on it? Simple truths about your business can have an impact on the consuming population.

The Real Thing
Just Do It
I’m Lovin’ It
The Ultimate Driving Machine
All the News That’s Fit to Print

Bring your message to life.
Simple. Invoking. Engaging. Pickle.

Steve Cleans Up Extraneous Material

Steve Donovan, Senior Editor & Broom


  1. OK. The truth is I did steal MY Photo-A-Day idea from Steve. Now I’m in a pickle. Should I put my camera away until next year?

  2. Good article… but why are you posing with a broom? Are you the janitor too?

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