something to think about

trying her best to be a responsible owner/operator.

it dawned on me the other day the enormous amounts of social networking out there.  tons.    as a media creator, i want my biz to be a part of the phenomenon or at the very least sorta understand it.  at TWEEDEE PRODUCTIONS we’ve asked our employees and ourselves to become members of the more popular social media sites – liked linked infacebookthis blog.  the only guidelines we have are really verbal ones concerning this blog.  we’d like everyone to keep their postings media/work related.  are verbal suggestions good enough? probably not for a business… which is why i’ve been working on something more formal that can exist in our employee handbook.  in order for our business to expect our employees to be responsible social marketers we need to be responsible managers.                                                                                                                         some items i will include in our handbook seem pretty obvious:

– who’s in charge of the facebook pages, twitter account and linked in?

– our message should be clear and not too clever. say what you mean.

– never think you are anonymous.  with today’s technology you can be identified… no matter how obscure you think you are.

– write what you know and be appropriate. if you can’t say it to someone’s face – don’t say it at all.  potential and current clients look at this stuff.

– make it something that adds value to our company.

– if it’s confidential info about us or a client – it’s taboo. it may seem like common sense, but sometimes facebook or twitter becomes stream of consciousness, when for us, it’s a marketing tool and should be planned with a purpose.

i know, much of this is really just common sense… but without written guidelines, common sense is sometimes forgotten or thrown out the window (remember parachute pants?).

so please… post and drive responsibly.


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  1. What’s wrong with parachute pants?

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