Samie the Intern

Bring it on.

Bring it on.

Samie is our intern.  “Samie the Intern” is the video series that follows her interning adventures at Tweedee Productions.


  1. Fun. Excited to see the further adventures of “Samie the Intern.”

  2. wow!! lots of comments!! settle down crowd!! funny, it’s a blog about my internship… and i don’t even know how to operate this page! AMYYYYY help!! gulp. … wait until you see future episodes! bahahaah… i’m certain it will just knock your socks right off. this internship is just sooooooooo much work… and extremely unpredictable. whoa, what’s that?!! i’m missing a sock… must of got knocked right off from watching another episode of samie the intern!! that amy is ultra super fantastic to work with. keep up the good work kid:)

  3. ps- i can’t say enough about how AWESOME the entire tweedee crew is to work with! they make me smile every time i walk into the office.!!

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