this is cool!

sandy - keepin' up with the trends....

this is so cool, i may even capitalize my sentences…. ok, maybe not – but check this out. its the tweedee productions daily newspaper! here’s how it works: gathers all the twitters we follow, sorts them (the ones with video or pictures get a priority) and arranges the stories into our daily webpaper.  i’ve set up an auto alert that goes to all our twitter followers when a new issue is published.  the great part, for me, is i can catch up on all the visual and interesting tweets without having to read a long twitter  list at the end of the day. it was super easy to set up. and its free! give it a look, it may be a good fit for you or your business.

i get all twittery just thinking about it…

do you tweet? tweedee tweets. we got on the twitter band wagon quite a while ago. it was part of our early social networking plans (along with blogging, facebook and our vnl). why? we wanted to be able to talk about and advise our clients when they asked about social networking or marketing trends. at first, i admit, it was a bit odd to just write short tidbits of info or re-tweet interesting things from people we follow, but now twitter has become something much more. we’re not the lone wolf any longer. over the past year more of our clients, potential clients & vendors began tweeting. twitter has become a great way for us to keep in touch and share. for example…. yesterday steve wrapped up a video for a client & sent them to our ftp

sandy thinks honesty is the best policy.

sandy is trying to stay trendy.

for review. they loved it (steve rocks) and immediately posted it to their web site – and they immediately tweeted about it! so, of course, once i noticed their tweet – i re-tweeted it. this helps them and us get exposure. and it lets our client know we are paying attention – passing on the love.
tweedee twitters 3-5 times per day. i usually schedule these tweets the night before or in the morning on hootsuite. then i check our twitter site a couple times a day to see if anyone is corresponding with us. so, in total, i probably spend 5 minutes a day updating twitter.

i guess i look at twitter like i look at all of our marketing tools: practice what you preach.  twitter is social, current, now… so if you have a twitter account use it.  i can’t suggest a client use twitter and then never update our own page.
granted, tweedee productions is not pam anderson or jet blue with thousands of followers, but we do have followers. so join in the fun – if you follow us, we’ll follow you!

what have you done for me lately?

sandy flies

sandy flying high - you are the wind beneath her wings.

today i felt the power of social networking. i needed my team – and they came through. let me start at the beginning…

it’s my turn to blog this week. usually i have some clever idea (at least in my mind) or some concept i’d like to share. this week – nadda. empty. zip. everything i thought of was boring. uninspired. gray. in fact, as it turns out, my only good idea was calling on my Facebook and Twitter friends for ideas.

here are a few of their suggestions from tweets:

gchadwick@tweedeemedia write about how u did that intro video to your website. That video is awesome, I love it!!!

abcfloan@tweedeemedia NPR Music Question Of The Day: Have The Past Decade’s Changes In Technology Made The Music Better?

mlange221 how about using social media correctly. Why advertising speak doesn’t work on FB.

my Facebook friends gave me some spark:

Tracy Ann Mangold How a simple change of view can help you to see things from a totally different perspective. This can be physically changing your view or simply looking at things in a completely abstract or different way than you would normally. That would tie in perfect with what Tweedee does for clients.

Peter Kleppin how about how many feet of cable it takes to connect an editing computer… or the number of formats that have to be deliverables in today’s crazy digitized world…
Dan Montenegro Boy did you guys not understand the task at hand! This is what she really wants.
Who’s your friend when things get rough?
Can’t do a little cause he can’t do enough.
Once upon a summertime
Just a dream from yesterday
Greg and his magic golden flute
Heard a boat from off the bay
“Come and play with me Gregg
Come and play with me.
And I will take you on a trip
Far across the sea.”
(this songs goes on and on, so i edited it down to this – but you get the idea…… sorry, dan – but i LOVE it)

from my friends and followers i got some really great ideas (you’ll be seeing some more of them detailed in future blogs). my creative team grew from the 6 of us in the office to the hundreds i can touch with just a few key strokes and clicks online. social networking is an easy and effective way to be inspired, reconnect with colleagues, increase your resources…  so, my friends, what have you done for me lately? a lot. thanks for being here for me.

get to know me….

as we enter the brave (and not so new anymore) world of social marketing you may find yourself asking, “what’s the point?” i guess the point is – “get to know me.” this is your opportunity to reach out to your current clients and find new ones. lets look at a few ways you can reach out.

1. video on your web site. this is probably the most effective way to show who you are and what you are about. it’s easy to get video on your website. tweedee productions recommends an episodic approach: send out a monthly or quarterly video newsletter or profile piece about your business or clients. its not a hard sell as much as its a reminder that your are still around and doing great work. make sure to tell your story in your own words. it’s a perfect chance for you to show your fun side, that you are an expert in your field or for new clients to meet you & see your work. the badger chapter of the american red cross does a good job of reminding their friends they are doing good work year round.

once you have video on your site think about how to place that video on other sites. if you have a product or service that needs to reach a specific audience tweedee productions can help you find those sites and we can help you determine the type of storytelling that may be the most effective there. a little bit of research can go a long way. take a look at this video for inspired bicycles. it went viral shortly after hitting youtube and some bike specialty sites. what does it say to you about their bikes? cool? freedom? self-expression? or does it just leave you feeling amazed & inspired?

2. blog. yes – blog. don’t complain about the time it takes to blog – just do it. make it your space to be and expert in your biz. make it fun. make it serious. just make it you. this is something you have complete control over – your thoughts. share them. your current and future clients will read it. believe me, people you don’t know will read your blog. its amazing how far the blogging world reaches. use it effectively and regularly and it will work for you.

3. FB, twitter & linkedin. you may already have personal accounts on facebook, twitter and linkedin, but don’t forget about your business. set up facebook fan pages and/or friend pages, a twitter biz account & a linkedin biz page. updating them won’t take a ton of time if you use the right tools. tweedee productions can help show you how.

ok, you have the basics…. now get out there and build relationships, build trust and build your bridge to new clients. give us a call today – we’d be happy to help you get started.

sandy kowal - gets a grip on being social

sandy kowal - gets a grip on being social

communications breakdown…

i may not be the most prolific blogger or the funniest person on the web or the most informative, but because of facebook, twitter and my persistent friends i am becoming a new communicator.  i admit, i’m bad about making phone calls to my friends and family… it sometimes takes me a while to return personal emails… hey – i’m a busy person – as far as you know.
but now with facebook, twitter and other social sites i feel more connected.  i’m not sure when i exactly began to feel this way… but now i’m assimilated into the new media.

soon, within the year in fact, i can join the wave.  what’s the wave, you ask? its a new communications vehicle from google – the search engine people. the wave will be a hosted conversation/live typing tool/add people as you go instant message.  all waves will start at the google “hub”.  once you join the conversation wave you can add comments, just read along or start your own new wave of thought (but you don’t need to get the flock of seagulls haircut). google plans on being your common hub for the other social sites you belong to – just to keep it convenient.   now i’m no techno geek, so i don’t quite understand how it will all work…. come to think of it, neither does google at this point.   now i’m not sure if i want google to have access to all my social activities on the web.  i would like a bit of privacy – even if its just in my imagination.
but i am intrigued.

sandy kowal - trying to stay on top of things.

sandy kowal - trying to stay on top of things.


I’m thinking that about 130 years ago, in 1876, a bunch of guys (yes, “guys” since women probably weren’t allowed to think about these things back then) were sitting around a coffee house talking about this new fangeled device called the “tel-lee-fone”.  They were most likely complaining, “Why would I ever need one of those things?”  Or better yet, “If I feel like talkin’ to someone, I’ll just go over to their house and TALK TO THEM!” 

My how things have changed.  Now, using a cheap, disposable cell phone, we can call from almost anywhere in the world to almost anywhere in the world.  We can “twitter” our most personal thoughts to our “followers”.  With a single mouse click, we can post photos or videos of our birthday party to an Internet web site that the entire world can view.  Within minutes, we can upload a video that is watchable on a hand-held electronic device the size of deck of cards.

Today we have a myriad of ways to communicate.  But, are we communicating any more effectively than we did person-to-person 130 years ago?  As video professionals do we get caught up in the technology and forget about producing a compelling message?  Do the messages we produce get lost in the blizzard of communications?

My point is, messages that aren’t relevant to the viewer or that don’t communicate a feeling or an emotion will be ineffective no mater how they are delivered.  How many of us have suffered through long, boring videos on YouTube wondering “what’s the point of this?” because there is no point.  Likewise, there are commercials on TV everyday that leave us scratching or heads.  We can communicate in hundreds of new and exciting ways but if there’s no story, viewers will be turned off and miss the intended message.  The key is obviously to produce a compelling message.  The delivery mechanism should be secondary.


Technology is great if used effectively to deliver a compelling message.  Just look at the positive changes the tel-lee-fone has made in our lives.

We Tweet, therefore I blog

A few weeks ago Tweedee started to Twitter. Those who Twitter here at Tweedee tell me they actually “tweet.” My first reaction was, “what a bunch of ‘Twits.'” OK, it’s pretty obvious, I’m a little behind the curve on (insert crabby old man voice) all of this “tweeting” and “friending” and…I’m sure there’s something even more groovy to do by now. I mean, somewhere between, ” Jane, stop this crazy thing,” and “Your world frightens and confuses me,” I’ve realized I’m, well…”I’m just a caveman.”

This blog entry makes my stone-tipped point. It’s my first ever. (Blog entry, that is. Some may argue.) I know.  Go ahead and laugh. I deserve it. Now that the rest of the more evolved world is micro-blogging with social media like Twitter, I’m finally blogging.  I’ve realized I had better adapt. But, you don’t give a cave dweller a Stihl chainsaw with an 18-inch bar before he’s learned to use a stone ax.

These are powerful communication tools. Take Twitter, for instance. It has already proven it can help solve problems, spread breaking news and provide all kinds of insights into our digital world. Some use tools like Twitter better than others. I’m told they’re called “early adapters.”  The cynic in me says some of those early adapters can be like the 6-year-old repeatedly tugging at my shirt.  Still, my inner optimist tells me 6-year-olds see things old guys like me don’t even notice.  So, keep tugging while I start walking upright. We cave dwellers need to start slowly. At the very least, we have to begin adapting.

I know how some of you feel. I’m comfortable in my saber-toothed tiger tunic too. I don’t like it when people tell me “you’ve got to get in on this!” I usually do the opposite. Feels a little like those keggers your college roommates said you had to go to or you’d miss everything.  Like the next day’s hangover. But, sharing a few drinks with the rest of the clan can be a good thing. Everything in moderation, right?

So, thanks to my clanmates here at Tweedee, I’m taking a step out of the cave. I’m starting to have modern thoughts – We Tweet, therefore, I blog. It’s pretty obvious from this entry, it’ll be a while before I evolve to Twitter. Keeping it to 140 characters is tough for a caveman like me. But, better to be a Cro-Magnon than a Neanderthal.

Dan surveys a future with Twitter, etc.

Dan surveys a future with Twitter, etc.